Why a Cracked Heat Exchanger is So Dangerous

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Why a Cracked Heat Exchanger is So Dangerous

A gas-powered heating system is definitely a wise choice especially for homeowners who want to cut down their energy bills. Yet, despite the convenience and savings that it offers, a gas-powered furnace still has inherent risks like a cracked heat exchanger. Read on to know more about the dangers associated with broken heat exchangers.

Heat Exchanger: What is It?

Ever thought what’s inside the cabinet of your furnace? It is a cluster of metal like clamshell-shaped objects known as the heat exchanger. This part is critical in producing warm air because it is where the air is heated before being distributed to the ducts. Without the heat exchanger, it is impossible for the furnace to warm your space. The air coming from your vents will be nothing more than room temperature.

The Dangers of Cracks in a Heat Exchanger

Over the years, cracks may develop in the heat exchanger especially with lack of maintenance. The metals in the heat exchanger expand and contract during the heating and cooling process. Due to rust and corrosion, the metals become weak which causes the cracks to form. As the process continues, these cracks stretch and open wide.

What comes out of these cracks? A statement from the American Gas Association says that any visible hole or crack on the heat exchanges is enough reason to replace it because of the hazards it can cause. The gaps allow the combustion gasses or exhaust gas to escape from the furnace and enter the household. When dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide get into your living space, you may suffer from headache, nausea and other serious health issues. Even a small amount of exhaust gas can knock you down in bed for days.

Check Out the Warning Signs

When can you tell if your heat exchanger is cracked or damaged? Look out for signs including a clicking sound, discoloration of the metals and a change in the furnace flame. Corrosion on the furnace is also a warning sign a potential issue on the system.

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