How Long Should My Air Conditioner Run?

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How Long Should My Air Conditioner Run?

Some people worry that their air conditioning system might be running longer than it should. But how long should your A/C unit run in a day? Normally, an air conditioner should work for 15 to 20 minutes at a time in normal situation. But because of several factors, your A/C’s run cycle may be shorter or longer than its normal operation.

Factors Affecting the Length of Your Air Conditioning Cycle

  • Outdoor Temperature

When the weather is at peak, your air conditioner will have to work longer to meet your home’s desired temperature. During the extra hot days, it is normal for your air conditioner to run longer so you should not be alarmed.

  • Thermostat Setting

If you set your thermostat at a low temperature, your A/C unit has to run longer to reach your preferred indoor temperature. By adjusting the thermostat a couple degrees higher, you can lessen your cooling unit’s run time and save money on your electric bill.

  • Size of Air Conditioner

Either an undersized or oversized air conditioning unit is not good. If it is too big, your A/C may run lesser than normal which is called short-cycling. A too small of unit cools your home longer. Therefore, you should have the right A/C size based on your home’s load calculation.

  • Size of Your Home

The size of your air conditioner may depend on how big or small your house is. For multi-zoned houses, it is advisable to get a large A/C unit that can distribute cool air evenly on all surfaces. But if you are after some energy-saving techniques, you can strategically cool a big home without paying a high monthly bill.

  • Insulation Quality

The quality of your home’s insulation impacts your A/C’s runtime. Areas in the house that lack insulation like the attic and walls leak the cool air to the outside world. And, this is something you would not want to happen because it means longer A/C runtime and skyrocketing electric bills. To keep the conditioned air indoors and prevent air leaks, you must secure strong and quality insulation for the entire home.

If you notice any problem with your A/C’s runtime, it is best to have it assessed by our professionals at McKenna Heat and Air. We will give your air conditioner a complete inspection to identify and solve the issue that causes it to cycle improperly. For expert HVAC services, our service team is here to serve you always.