Energy Saving HVAC Summer Maintenance Tips

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Energy Saving HVAC Summer Maintenance Tips

Your HVAC unit is your home’s comfort support system that requires regular preventive maintenance. For regions that experience severe climate like Oklahoma City Metropolitan area, it is strictly important to schedule inspection and maintenance at least twice a year. Be sure to sign up for services only from a reliable HVAC contractor to get the most of your energy-saving goals.

Learn these energy saving HVAC maintenance tips from McKenna Heat and Air to keep your unit running efficiently this summer.

  • Clean or Replace Your Air Filters

If your cooling unit operates on a daily basis, dirt and dust can build up in the air filter as fast as lightning. These particles can block airflow causing your system to fail or run slow. To keep your cooling unit running smoothly this summer, remember to clean or change the filters as necessary. A clean air filter helps you save up to 30% of your energy consumption.

  • Free Your Outdoor Unit From Any Blockage

Surely, you cannot afford to neglect your outdoor unit from the threats of natural elements like sunlight and rain. Inspect your condenser for any blockages and remove debris, bushes, and dirt. Clearing the condenser allows your A/C unit to pull in the air it needs for temperature control. With a clean condenser unit, your system does not have to work longer to cool your home nor use a great amount of energy for its operation.

  • Clear the Drainage Hole

Drainage hole is common to air conditioning units which is located under the evaporator fins. To maximize your A/C performance, you should keep this section clean and clear. The hole can be too small, so it will be best to contact your service provider to do the job instead.

  • Install a Smart Thermostat

How does installing a smart thermostat help your HVAC system work efficiently? Simply! It helps your system find the ideal temperature for your living space. Not only that it does well on your system, but it also allows you to save more than half of your normal energy usage.

  • Seal Cracks and Open Space on the Ducts

Do not let the cool air escape before it even reaches your home. One way to ensure that the air will reach its destination is to keep the ducts free from leaks and cracks. Open spaces in the ducts make it harder for your cooling unit to do its job. Call the professionals to work on the duct issues.

  • Plan a Tune-up Service

Maintaining your HVAC system requires you to bring in the experts. They can give you complete and detailed inspection of the system. Scheduling a tune-up service helps you identify potential problems that may arise any time of the day. In this way, your local heating and cooling contractor can provide solutions in advance.

Enjoy summer with your HVAC system working proficiently. For more HVAC maintenance tips that save you dollars on the electric bill, McKenna Heat and Air is here to help you. Call us now!