Common Electrical Problems that Occur in the Summer Months

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Common Electrical Problems that Occur in the Summer Months

No one wants to spend summer worrying about potential electrical issues. Thus, if you are noticing any signs of a power outage or disturbance in your home, you should have them checked as early as possible.

Discover some of the electrical outages that may happen any day these summer months.

  • Electrical Overload

Overloading occurs when an extension cord or an outlet is plugged with appliances that exceed its load capacity. This summer, you will surely end up using more cooling appliances to beat the heat thus, increasing the possibility of electrical issues like flickering lights. If you encounter any problem related to overloading, immediately contact your trusted electrician.

  • Power Surges

When do power surges happen? Your lives and property can be at risk of fire when high-powered appliances including air conditioner and fridge are plugged in at the same time. Power surges also happen due to lightning storms. Whether the source of power surges is overloading or lightning storms, it can result in electrical fires especially if it happens more often than normal.

  • Brownouts and Blackouts

Even in summer, your home is not safe from moderate to a massive storm that may leave your home in darkness for days or weeks.  Prepare in advance for a long brownout or blackout by buying a backup generator to keep your family out of the dark when a massive storm hits your home in Blanchard, OK.

  • Tripped Breakers

Overloading a circuit may result in tripped breakers. In some cases, faltered breakers are caused by an overworked fan on the circuit that has reached its limit. When you encounter this situation, you may turn off other devices or move some items to another circuit to allow some of your appliances or devices to run at diverse times.

For old homes that are not designed for modern electrical needs, tripped breakers may occur more often. In this case, you should bring in the professionals at McKenna Heat & Air. We will let you know if there are obsolete wirings or your circuit breaker needs a replacement.

  • Flickering Lights

Stay still for a few minutes and observe your home’s lighting. Have you seen flickering or dancing lights? If yes, then it’s a sign of a serious electrical issue. Another possible reason for this is a malfunctioned HVAC system. Contact your electrician for a full inspection of your home’s electrical and HVAC system altogether.

Spend the entire summer months free from any electrical issue. Our professional electricians at McKenna Heat & Air are happy to lend a hand when you encounter any of these power issues. Give us a call so we can help!