7 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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7 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

When the sun heats up, there is no easier way of comfort than turning your air conditioner on full blast. But aside from using your A/C unit, there are other ways to conquer the heat this summer that will cut your energy bill in half. Discover some brilliant ways of keeping yourself cool these warm months.

  1. Keep That Fan Working like A Real A/C

Instead of using your air conditioner, why not take advantage of those fans? Here’s a bright trick that will not make you think twice. Place a bowl with ice in front of the fan so as you use it, the air lashes off a misty and chilly feel. Who said only air conditioners could do that?

  1. Close Your Blinds

Simple as it looks but this tip can make wonders on your comfort this summer. Based on a study, windows serve as the entry point of unsolicited heat by about 30%. Closing blinds and windows can block unwanted heat from invading your space, reducing the indoor temperature at approximately 20 degrees.

  1. Make the Most of the Night Air

As the temperature drops in the evening, you can take advantage of the cool breeze outside. Spend the nighttime with open windows to let in fresh air and close them at daytime.

  1. Cook or Grill Outside

Use the summer season to grill or cook outside. Place a small table in the yard and gather your family for a cookout. Cooking outside prevents the heat from consuming your indoor environment.

  1. Turn off Lightings and Appliances

Will you believe us when we say that your appliances and lightings produce a significant amount of heat while in use? Incandescent lightings and appliances like television and dryers are some of the common heat contributors. If you want to lower your indoor temperature, better turn them off when not in use. Dryers are not necessary during summer as heat can dry your clothes.

  1. Invest in Outdoor Window Treatments

Stop the heat from getting into your house by putting bamboo shades or woven screens tightly on your windows. You may also put plants near the windows for a cooler home.

  1. Insulate Your Home With Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are designed to block heat and insulate a room. It can control the room temperature depending on the comfort level you want. Plus, it gives you better sleep at night.

Maintaining a comfortable home during summer does not have to be expensive. McKenna Heat & Air offers these simple and effective tips to cool your home at lesser cost. Call us today for more brilliant tips to beat the summer heat.