6 Safety Tips When Using Portable Space Heaters

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6 Safety Tips When Using Portable Space HeatersWhile portable heaters are both cost-effective and efficient, there are a few safety measures that you need to keep in mind when it is at work. We have compiled eight (8) home safety tips while your space heater is at use.

  1. Choose the Right Place

Pick the best location to place the heater. While some models can be installed on walls, others require a little more space. It needs sufficient distance from other items in the room. Experts suggest that space heaters must be positioned a minimum of 3 feet away from beddings, clothing, rugs, furniture and other flammable objects. Make sure to keep this distance to prevent the risk of fire.

  1. Shut Off If Not In Use

Unplug the heater before leaving home or if not used. Many new models of portable space heaters come with programmable features that allow you to program on and off settings automatically. Get one for your home for better safety.

  1. Keep it Away From Any Water Source

Never run your heater in damp or humid spaces such as in the bathroom, basement or kitchen. Similarly, do not touch it with wet hands to avoid electrical shock.  Keep it away from water at all cost.

  1. Plug the Heater Directly into an Outlet

When using the heater, always plug it into an outlet with adequate voltage capacity. Plugging it into an extension cord only increases the risk of overheating, electrical shock and fire. If it is necessary to use an extension cord, make sure to get one the right size and enough power capacity.

  1. Do Not Run Multiple Appliances While the Heater is On

If you are using the space heater, do not run other high-voltage appliances simultaneously. Doing this helps prevent circuit overload and fire hazards. You may plug in those appliances one at a time if possible.

  1. Schedule a Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Contact your trusted HVAC professional for regular check-ups and care. This way, you can identify existing problems and provide solutions ahead of time. Let the experts do the dirty handwork of cleaning and inspecting the system piece by piece.

Accidents happen, but there are steps you can take to lessen their probability.  Follow these tips seriously for a fire-safe residential and commercial space in Blanchard, OK. For more expert tips, contact us at McKenna Heat & Air today!