5 Money-Saving Maintenance Tips for Heat Exchangers

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5 Money-Saving Maintenance Tips for Heat Exchangers

In the previous posts, we have discussed the dangers caused by a broken heat exchanger. Now, we will tackle smart and cost-effective techniques in maintaining heat exchangers to help prevent those risks. Check out the tips below!

Regular Cleaning

Your heat exchangers undergo several processes that result in scaling and fouling. Over time, dirt, dust, and debris may build up which can interrupt its operations and reduce its efficiency. Thus, you should keep the heat exchangers clean and maintained for best performance. You can choose between the two major cleaning methods namely hydrocleaning or situ cleaning depending on the needs and condition of your heat exchangers.

Periodic Tune Up and Maintenance

One of the best ways to maximize the life and efficiency of heat exchangers is through consistent tune-up and maintenance. Failure to do periodic maintenance eventually leads to low performance and higher energy costs. Negative effects related to poor maintenance can add up quickly so, make sure to have your heat exchangers serviced regularly to avoid potential problems.

Perform Inspection and Tests

Issues on the heat exchangers may not always be visible in the form of leaks and jams. This is why you should schedule a professional inspection and run some tests to spot hidden problems and provide solutions for them. Heat exchangers require regular inspection to detect leaks, cracks on the tube and plates, fouling and other possible problems.

Always Keep the Records

Whenever your heat exchanger receives an inspection, repair, maintenance or any form of services, all the records should be well documented. The documentation should include details and information regarding the work performed by your contractor. The details must specify what parts were repaired or replaced and the problems found during the process. With proper documentation, you can keep track of everything that was done before and make it as the basis for future resolutions.

Get a Reputable HVAC Company for Assistance

In maintaining your heat exchangers, you need the help of professionals to perform the task. Have a certified and trusted company with years of experience in handling different issues in heat exchangers. Through a professional service, you are guaranteed of getting quality results out of any projects.

To avoid inconvenience this cold season, make sure to keep your heat exchangers at best condition. Call us at McKenna Heat & Air for professional maintenance services. Because your comfort is our top priority, we promise to offer the best services you need.