• 5 Money-Saving Maintenance Tips for Heat Exchangers

    5 Money-Saving Maintenance Tips for Heat Exchangers In the previous posts, we have discussed the dangers caused by a broken heat exchanger. Now, we will tackle smart and cost-effective techniques in maintaining heat exchangers to help prevent thos... Read More

  • Why a Cracked Heat Exchanger is So Dangerous

      A gas-powered heating system is definitely a wise choice especially for homeowners who want to cut down their energy bills. Yet, despite the convenience and savings that it offers, a gas-powered furnace still has inherent risks like a c... Read More

  • 6 Safety Tips When Using Portable Space Heaters

      While portable heaters are both cost-effective and efficient, there are a few safety measures that you need to keep in mind when it is at work. We have compiled eight (8) home safety tips while your space heater is at use. Choose the R... Read More

  • 6 Reasons Why a Water Heater Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

    Nothing is more disappointing knowing that you have to run the water heater but found out that it does not work. If the pilot light of the water heater will not stay lit, there must be a problem. Want to know the reasons why? Read on to learn! ... Read More

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